First Impressions: The Gospel

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    Last week we talked about the fact that Jesus did start a revolution but not the one people were asking for. So what was at the core of this Revolution? Maybe a better question is to ask what is at the core of any revolution? 

    In America it was the right to govern ourselves instead of bowing to a king across the ocean. In France, their revolution followed only two decades later for similar reasons. Both led to democracies where the people had a voice. In other places such as the Iranian Revolution, the Spanish Civil War, and Cuba – the revolution against the status quo led to fascist dictators. 

    When it comes to religious and spiritual revolutions or change, you can often find just as different results. The leaders of Jesus' day were asking themselves if this revolution was real or did some new leader just want to gain popularity or power? In the eyes of the Jewish people, all of them were skeptical about Jesus at first, some would never even consider His message, but today we see a story of one leader that wanted to know more. And it led to the first real presentation of the gospel.

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