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    The resurrection proves God’s love.  The work and life of Christ all led to that day.  So many times He foreshadowed it.  So many things He did pointed to that sacrifice.  And you have to think about the many times He was serving others, knowing the part they would play.  Would they be the believers who after the death of Christ were hiding for fear of their lives or were they the crowd who enjoyed the free meal and motivational speech but joined in to loudly chant for His crucifixion?  But we know by reading all of scripture from Genesis through the Gospels, that everything pointed to the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus.  No matter how out of control things seemed, His love for us pushed Him forward.  No matter what opposition came before Jesus, God knew the outcome and the sacrifice of His Son would happen in order that we might be saved.

    But at times this knowledge actually causes us to question God.  If He knew all of this would happen, why not stop it from the beginning?  Why would God allow the suffering of His Son and plan everything to lead towards that event?  With those questions in mind, why would this same loving God allow the suffering in our lives if He’s fully in control there as well?  If the resurrection truly proves His love for us, then why are there so many days where we feel that He has turned His back on our situation or the suffering of others?

    This sermon was delivered hours before a natural disaster in our state claimed the lives of 15 people and displaced hundreds others.  There is never a time on this earth that we can't ask the questions "why does God allow bad things to happen to good people" or "does God not care about the suffering we're going through".  However we will see from scripture that His love is always present.  He doesn't mind us asking those tough questions because He is ready to answer.

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