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    SunSundayAprApril30th2017 Road to Redemption: Restored Purpose
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    In the story of Peter denying Jesus we see a strong reminder of how even the most passionate followers of Jesus can fail Him greatly. The beautiful thing about Peter's story is that it wasn't over. After the resurrection we find Peter out fishing. Was he giving up ministry? Had he given up on himself? Did he feel disqualified? All these questions and more had to be swimming around in his head but Jesus came to remind Peter that his calling was still just as important as before.

    In today's message we will take a look at both the facts of this story and the lesson we can apply to our own moments of failure. No matter what we've done, God isn't done with us yet!
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    SunSundayAprApril23rd2017 Road to Redepmtion: Denying Hope
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    When the disciples were gathered after the crucifixion, Thomas wasn’t there. His delay in getting with fellow believers left him alone in questioning the resurrection. He even told his friends that he wouldn’t believe their word as they told him about seeing Jesus. That initial delay led to doubt - even doubting his closest friends. That doubt led to denial that the story of Jesus was true.

    When trying times come in our life it is sometimes natural for us to withdraw from everyone as we recoil in pain or doubt. But we must run to God and His people for support in times of trouble. When we delay, it can lead us further away from the only source that can give us hope.

    SunSundayAprApril16th2017 Road to Redemption: Misplaced Expectations
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    People loved Jesus as He entered Jerusalem for the last time, but only a short time later called for His crucifixion. Everyone can get too focused on what they want from God to realize what He's actually offering us. Whether it's the good things we expect but don't receive or the difficult things of life we feel God should have kept away, we can easily turn on Him as well.

    By the end of today's message I want us to be able to take the following steps. First, ask yourself what disappointments in life have we blamed on God? What blessings has that caused us to miss? Next, reevaluate your expectations of your relationship with God.  Thank Him for what He has given and how He provides.

    SunSundayAprApril9th2017 First Impressions: The Gospel
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    Last week we talked about the fact that Jesus did start a revolution but not the one people were asking for. So what was at the core of this Revolution? Maybe a better question is to ask what is at the core of any revolution? 

    In America it was the right to govern ourselves instead of bowing to a king across the ocean. In France, their revolution followed only two decades later for similar reasons. Both led to democracies where the people had a voice. In other places such as the Iranian Revolution, the Spanish Civil War, and Cuba – the revolution against the status quo led to fascist dictators. 

    When it comes to religious and spiritual revolutions or change, you can often find just as different results. The leaders of Jesus' day were asking themselves if this revolution was real or did some new leader just want to gain popularity or power? In the eyes of the Jewish people, all of them were skeptical about Jesus at first, some would never even consider His message, but today we see a story of one leader that wanted to know more. And it led to the first real presentation of the gospel.
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    SunSundayAprApril2nd2017 First Impressions: Revolutionary
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    What is the picture you have when someone asks you to think about what Jesus means to you? How about when you think on His character? Most of us - and rightfully so - think of His loving nature or His care for us. I do believe that is the most important attribute of God but we can't allow our joy in thinking about His compassion make us forget that Jesus also came to call people to a changed life. In His ministry He began speaking about that desire in a bold way.

    As you listen to this sermon on Jesus calling us to a revolutionary life you will hopefully ask yourself those difficult questions to determine whether or not you are simply following the version of God you enjoy or whether you are truly conforming your life to meet His desires & example. Below are a few articles that can help you during your prayer time this week. Read through one or more to help remind yourself the steps to take in determining whether you are listening to God's voice, your own, or someone else's.

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