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    SunSundayFebFebruary26th2017 February 26th, 2017
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    SunSundayFebFebruary19th2017 Overwhelmed: Holding on to Anger
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    One of the big things that happens when we become overwhelmed is that we may be overtaken with resentment. No one is there to help. It’s their fault I feel this way. Last week as we started this series we read a few verses from Psalms 142.

    Psalm 142:3-4
    When I am overwhelmed, you alone know the way I should turn. Wherever I go, my enemies have set traps for me. I look for someone to come and help me, but no one gives me a passing thought! No one will help me; no one cares a bit what happens to me.

    There are many occasions we can sympathize with David as we feel alone and absent of anyone to help pull us out of our problems. However in this particular case, David may have felt alone in that moment and resentful of those not helping, but there were actually 100s of men who had left their families to travel with David for his protection. Sometimes we can resent others however if we'll find a moment of clarity, we realize that we are overreacting. But how about the times when someone has wronged us and never sought our forgiveness? Do they even realize how bad they hurt us? Do they know but just disagree? Do they know but just don't care? Or are we holding on to anger about a situation that the other person has forgotten about and put in the past years ago? It's amazing how long we can carry our hurts around with us and how that not only damages that singular relationship, but it keeps us from feeling joy or contentment in life.

    Today we will look at the need for us to let go of our un-forgiveness and the anger it stores up inside us.

    Below is a brief summary we've put together if you would like more detailed steps in starting the process to deal with un-forgiveness. Inside are also links to multiple articles that can help you explore this topic further.

    Overwhelmed -- Releasing Anger Through Forgiveness.pdf

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    SunSundayFebFebruary12th2017 Overwhelmed: Running On Empty
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    Being overwhelmed looks different for everyone. The circumstances leading to it are different for everyone. But we all have this in common - at times during our lives we get to a place where we can't seem to hold things together. Whether this feeling last for minutes, days, months, or years, we all get overwhelmed.

    Over 25% of Americans are currently suffering from some type of elevated anxiety or depressive condition. That means in this room there would be between 35-40 people.
    11% of teenagers have a depressive disorder by the age of 18.
    30% of college students report feeling depressed to a level that affects their ability to function in school.
    It generally takes 10-20 weeks of therapy to help a person overcome a serious issue.
    Over 50% of Americans with major depression don’t seek help or treatment.

    As we get into this new series we will look at the things which cause these problems, the situations we stay in that keep us from moving forward, and how to make some simple yet powerful steps to live in the joy that a Christian faith can bring us.

    On our first Sunday of the series we mentioned two different books we would recommend for anyone wanting to go further into this topic:

    "Simplify" by Bill Hybels (click here to preview or purchase)
    This is our primary suggestion for extra reading during this study. Bill Hybels does a wonderful job addressing many of the reasons we allow ourselves to be overwhelmed.
    "Overwhelmed" by Perry Noble (click here to preview or purchase)
    We were somewhat reluctant to recommend this book for one reason: the author who wrote it in 2014 after dealing with anxiety & depression fell back into serious depression and was dismissed from his church in 2016 for alcohol abuse. However this doesn't invalidate the truths written down here along with some of the personal experiences he shares along the way.

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    SunSundayFebFebruary5th2017 Purpose Requires Commitment
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    In the story of Nehemiah leading the Jewish people to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem, they got off to a great start. Everyone was excited about the job in front of them and how great it would be for the entire city & nation. However in just about three weeks when they were halfway completed rebuilding the wall, the people were ready to give up because they were tired, it was difficult, and people in the area were against what they were doing.

    The question I would have asked them is the same one I ask us today: what makes us think that accomplishing anything great is going to be easy? Not filled with setbacks? Not extremely difficult at times or without opposition? Everyone says that we know to expect bad times so why does it seem we're so easily discouraged when they come? Last week we talked about how "Purpose Requires Passion". Today's message deals with the commitment we must have, especially when times are tough, to accomplish God's purpose for our church.

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