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    SunSundayJanJanuary29th2017 Purpose Requires Passion
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    Vision is something that comes out of a heartfelt need. It must either be born out of or adopted with passion. Nehemiah grabbed on to a vision that countless other Jews had overlooked. It's one thing to see something that needs done but to adopt that vision as your own is an entirely different matter. Not only did he adopt an idea, but he was willing to lead the plan to accomplish it. Vision must be accompanied with passion & commitment otherwise it like so many other great aspirations will remain unfilled.

    Over the next two weeks we are going to use the story of Nehemiah to look at how we as a church family must have both passion & commitment to carry out God's purpose for Pathway in our community.

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    SunSundayJanJanuary22nd2017 Going Public: Temptation
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    Today as we wrap up this series about Jesus “Going Public”, we are going to look at what follows this moment of great recognition. What follows this moment where something spiritually great happens. And it’s also what takes place in our own lives often when we are making steps to honor God – TEMPTATION. Today’s story looks at Jesus finishing His presentation to the public by going it alone in the desert. But he was truly never alone.

    Matthew 4: 1-11
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    SunSundayJanJanuary15th2017 Going Public: Identification
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    This week we take a look at the moment when Jesus truly steps onto the scene. He’s 30 years old as we’re told in Luke chapter 3. That’s the age a man was considered an adult and also the age at which a priest could begin officially serving in a full role. In the first Bible verses we read about the life of Jesus as an adult, we see Him coming for baptism from John. So why did Jesus get baptized? He didn't need to symbolicly repent of any sins like John the Baptist was asking of the crowd. Jesus had no sin. Jesus had no need of a savior. So why?

    When Jesus was baptized, He identified himself with those of us, which is all of us, who do have sins for which we need forgiveness. For which we need a sacrifice. For which we need a perfect Savior. Jesus entered those waters having no sin in His life, but He did so because He was accepting the responsibility of carrying our sins to the cross. He identified Himself with us. Then God the Father identified Himself with his Son. The the Holy Spirit confirmed the special event by identifying Himself with Jesus as well, God the Son here to save us from our sins.

    Matthew 3: 13-17
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    SunSundayJanJanuary8th2017 Going Public: Called to Boldness
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    In our series about the life of Christ, we take an early stop to instead look at the life of John the Baptist. He was called by God to fulfill the Old Testament prophecies about preparing the way for the Messiah. John’s message was to “Repent of your sins and turn to God, for the Kingdom of Heaven is near.” It wasn’t a call to religion but a call to a restored life. Now as to who John was, I think a lot of people get a misconception of him because of how he was described. In Matthew 3, verse 4, it says his clothes were made from camel hair, he wore a leather belt and he ate locusts and wild honey. Some people talk about how this was a wild appearance and that he was like some weird guy you see standing on a street corner screaming out things about God. But we find out a little more as we look at his life and the impact he had on the world. Audio 01-08-2017.mp3
    SunSundayJanJanuary1st2017 Going Public: A New Start
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    In today's message we look at the story of a 12-year old Jesus staying behind at the temple as His family traveled back home to Nazareth. After one day of travel, Mary and Joseph realized Jesus wasn't with the group. Today's story looks at the moment when Jesus quit simply being their son and made the first public recognition of who He was. His earthly parents seemed to simply go about their daily life, forgetting that they were in the presence of God. They were worrying about their journey rather than thinking about God's plan. Did they miss signs about Jesus coming into His own or was it all a surprise? But why were they surprised? 

    It was time for Jesus to start paying more attention to God's plan instead of just being Jesus of Nazareth. It was time for Mary and Joseph to understand that His path was going to take them all out of their regular family routine and into God's new routine. They all needed to be about their heavenly father's business.
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