Sermon Blog - Entries from March 2016

    SunSundayMarMarch27th2016 Jesus' Humanity vs. Divinity
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    On this Easter Sunday we rightfully spend time remembering the past. We look back at the suffering Jesus went through. We appreciate the sacrifice He made. And we celebrate the fact that by His own power Jesus rose from the grave to show that only He had power of sin & death. But I also like to take a look at what that means for us in our lives today.

    Jesus didn’t just die to give us an opportunity to defeat hell. He died to help us overcome the weaknesses of our humanity in this life. He lived as a human to show us that He can understand our difficulties. He lives today to give us hope that He is ready to show us mercy and provide strength. In today's message we will see how even though Jesus was both fully human and fully God while on earth, He gave up the privileges of His divinity in order to live within His humanity. He lived this way to give us hope. His strength even through His sacrifice can give us the strength we need every day.

    As well as listening to the message, we will soon be posting links to this page with some resource articles to help you better understand or simply reinforce what you know about Jesus' life here on earth.
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    SunSundayMarMarch20th2016 Exodus: Blind Faith
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    Now that we're to the end of our series on Fear, Faith & Deliverance, we find the Jewish people at the end of the escape out of Egypt. But even though God had demonstrated His power through the 10 plagues, as soon as they came up against a seemingly impossible obstacle they completely lost faith in God's promise to lead them to freedom. So the question we need to answer for ourselves in this message is this: when we fall into difficult moments of our life will we have blind faith in God or will our fears cause our faith to disappear? Audio 03-20-2016.mp3
    SunSundayMarMarch13th2016 Exodus: Death by Defiance
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    In the story of the Exodus of Israel one of the most puzzling scenes is how the Pharaoh would continue to defy God even when the Lord's power is constantly shown to be much stronger than they can stand against. At times however, we fall into the same trap. When either a punishment from God or the consequences of our wrong decisions affect us, we begin by saying we can ride this situation out. When it gets too much, we then ask for God to intervene. But as soon as He does and we feel some relief, then we say we don't need Him anymore. When the punishment or consequences continue we may even admit to our own sin but at the first sign of relief, we become defiant in our behavior or lifestyle again.Sometimes people will follow this to its conclusion which can be more painful than any individual can bear. That is what we see in the life and actions of Pharaoh. Audio 03-13-2016.mp3
    SunSundayMarMarch6th2016 Exodus: Displaced Faith
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    As we get further into the story of Moses' answering God's call to lead the people of Israel out of Egypt, we will see how both he and the people of Israel were so quick to lose faith in God's plan. Our human weaknesses are great but they are nothing God can't overcome. Our situation may be bleak but it's nothing God can't fix. We just have to decide whether or not we will allow our own doubts to become greater than our faith in God. Audio 03-06-2016.mp3

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