Sermon Blog - Entries from December 2016

    SunSundayDecDecember11th2016 The Journey: Anxious Diversions
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    After Mary & Joseph initially were greeted with surprise confirmation about the deity of their son Jesus through both Simeon and Anna, it wasn’t long before they had to flee to Egypt to protect His life. Would their life ever be normal? Should they just run from the responsibility to carry this message in order to have a normal life? We need to remember that life isn’t really ever normal. Our decision has to be whether to make the story of Jesus a priority under every set of circumstances.
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    SunSundayDecDecember4th2016 The Journey: the First Long Step
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    Mary and Joseph had to come to grips with making those first decisions to follow God’s plan even though they didn’t know where it would lead. It’s often that first step that is the hardest for us. How do we begin a path to follow God? What will we have to change? Give up? Start new? But once we take the first step, the rest get easier.
    Luke 1: 6-45

    Matthew 1: 18-24

    John 1: 16-18
    Audio 12-04-2016.mp3

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