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    SunSundayJunJune29th2014 6-29
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    SunSundayJunJune22nd2014 6-22
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    SunSundayJunJune15th2014 6-15
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    SunSundayJunJune1st2014 Unmaking of a King - Obsession
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    Today as we continue our study about King Saul losing his grip on his kingdom, we’re going to look at the subject of Obsession.

    Just like in the case we see with Saul, anyone can allow some great frustration or some huge desire to cloud their judgment.  As soon as we quit looking at things objectively, as soon as we only view things with raw emotion rather than considering what God wants from our lives, we can spin out of control.  That’s what we’re about to see from Saul.  Considering that he has already thrown spears from the supper table to try and kill anyone who disagrees with him, to say that today’s passage of scripture is when he spins out of control is definitely saying something.  But when we become obsessed with anything that isn’t what God wants out of our lives, things can change for the worse at a very rapid pace.

    1 Samuel 22: 11-19
    1 Samuel 23: 1-28
    Psalms 73: 1-26

    Our "NEXT STEPS" from today's sermon encouraged you to find ways to help you keep your focus on God.  Below are a few steps to take if you're struggling with keeping your focus on what is beneficial to your life.
    1. SET A STRUCTURED TIME FOR PRAYER → Very few people are able to do anything consistently when it isn't planned.  If you want to hear what God wants for you, you must first listen.  If you want things from God, you much ask.  If you want a better relationship with God, you must talk.  All these can only be done through prayer.  And if you don't set aside time for prayer, you most likely won't take time for it.
    2. IDENTIFY ACTIONS THAT DOMINATE YOUR FOCUS → Like we said in the sermon, not all things that dominate our focus are inherently bad (work, sports, hobbies, time off, etc...) although we do often become obsessed with sinful things as well.  Whether good or bad, anything that takes our focus off of God or the more important things of life must be controlled.  If you can't figure what these actions are that dominate your focus, ask someone close to you.  Just be ready for them to give an honest answer!
    3. SET TIME FOR SPIRITUAL ACTIVITIES → Just like with prayer, we need to set priorities on things such as worship, Bible study (personal & with others), service opportunities, or other spiritually beneficial activities.  Once we have identified what we allow to dominate our lives, we can compare that with our dedication to even the simplest forms of spiritual obedience.  That contrast will help us make the right choices.
    4. FIND A WAY TO STAY ACCOUNTABLE → Without a way to measure success, we will quickly lost sight of our goals.  Pick one of the ways below to help stay accountable.  While the preferred method is the first one, at least find one method you will stick with.
    • Ask someone to keep you accountable. When we are fighting a battle alone it is easy to give up.  When we are fighting side by side with someone else, we are more motivated to continue the fight.  Even if it's just a 3 minute phone call with prayer or just an email, find someone to weekly ask about your dedication to focus more on what God wants from your life.  You may not always be able to say it has gone well, but then your partner can help encourage you to pick up the pace.  Not having any accountability all but assures failure.
    • Keep a journal.  The downfall to this method is that if you're not staying dedicated to steps 1-3, do you really think you'll be dedicated to keeping a journal?  If you want to try this, set a weekly reminder on a calendar.  Do it on Sunday, either before or after church.  Sit down and write about how you did with your prayer, managing the activities that dominate your time, and setting aside time for spiritual activities.  Be honest, even if you don't like the answers.  Each week, read through the previous weeks to see your progression.
    • Instead of 1-on-1 accountability, ask a group of people you already meet with (small group Bible study, etc...) to talk about this each week.  This method won't be as personal since you won't go into as much depth as 1-on-1 partners, but it can help you stay motivated.
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