Sermon Blog - Entries from April 2013

    SunSundayAprApril28th2013 Following Foolishness
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    SunSundayAprApril21st2013 Clearing the Way: Modify
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    SunSundayAprApril14th2013 Clearing the Way: Living
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    Living as Those Made Alive in Christ.  Don’t just be alive, truly live.

    Colossians 3: 1-17
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    SunSundayAprApril7th2013 Clearing the Way: Released
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    Last week as we looked at EMPTIED, we saw how we not only need to empty ourselves of 
    the things in our life that keep us from having a close relationship with God, but we need 
    to empty ourselves of any ideas that Jesus is anything less than completely God.  Now that 
    we’ve hopefully emptied ourselves of the things which keep us from having a relationship with 
    God, we need to be released from any human rules and rituals that we elevate to the level of 
    scripture.  In other words, if it’s not in the Bible, then it’s not a command by God.

    Comfortable actions can be useful to remind us of our faith, but our faith must be more than 
    those actions.  Also, just because something “feels” right to us, if it’s not required by God then 
    we can’t expect or require other people to follow the same traditions as we do.  This sermon 
    tries to look at this with a few practical examples to hopefully help us distinguish between what 
    may be a good thing to do, what is neutral, and what is actually commanded by God.

    Colossians 2: 6-23
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