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    SunSundayJunJune3rd2012 Unknown Commitment
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    The last few weeks with Mothers’ Day & Memorial Day, I’ve taken a break from doing a regular series and focused in on a few messages that have been on my heart.  But even though we didn’t have a name to this string of messages, we’ve been working the last few weeks towards this morning when we got to celebrate with a baptism and talk about commitment.  We’ve looked at the issues of forgiveness and how love covers sin.  Last week we talked about sacrifice and why we need to remember both our failures and successes in order to make the right steps forward.  Which leads us to today as we talk about Unknown Commitment.

    It is hard for us to truly commit to anything.  It’s hard enough to get us to commit to something when we know all the facts.  It’s unbelievably difficult to make commitments to do anything when we don’t know the outcome.  And even if we do know the outcome, if we’re unsure of the details or what we must do then we usually choose to stay uncommitted.  Today we’re going to look at the very familiar story of Noah and the flood to help us examine whether or not we’re ready to make commitments to God, trusting Him to make the right choices for our lives.

    Genesis 6: 11-22

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