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    SunSundayMayMay27th2012 Why We Remember
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    On Memorial Day weekend our country stops to remember and pay tribute to those Americans who have sacrificed, some giving all, to defend our nation and give us liberty.  We not only have social liberty but more importantly spiritual liberty in the United States because of their choice to defend us.  But we need to do more than just say “thank you”, we need to remember why they chose to fight.  We need to remember what they were fighting for.  We need to know the importance of the ideals they died for.


    In the same way, we have many stories from the Bible where God’s people put up memorials to remind them of the sacrifice made by their nation, but more importantly, the provision of God to get them through a difficult time.  In the passage today we see the reason behind “here I raise mine Ebenezer” that many of you have sang from an old hymn.  This ‘stone of help’ was put up so the Israelites would recall how God made them victorious when they dedicated their lives to following only Him.  And we’ll see how God will do the same for us when we follow Him.  God will give us reason to pay honor and remember how great He has been to all of us.

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    SunSundayMayMay20th2012 Love Covers Sin
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    Today’s sermon deals with something that I’ve personally been dealing with in my life.  Here are the questions that roll around in my own mind:

    ·         I understand how much God has forgiven me, but how can I turn around and show that same measure of forgiveness to other? 

    ·         And what are the practical limitations to my forgiveness?  I’m not God, so can so much be expected?

    ·         What do I do if the person I am to forgive doesn’t ask for forgiveness or doesn’t care if I do?


    The scary thing is that Jesus specifically tells us that if we don’t forgive others, He won’t forgive us.  First off, we’re going to see how this warning isn’t tied to salvation but rather our continual walk with Christ after we’re a child of God and our eternity is secure.  Second, we’ll see how that if we don’t forgive others, not only does it make us miserable inside but it shows God we’re not ready for Him to use us.

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    SunSundayMayMay13th2012 A Virtuous Woman
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    On Mother’s Day the world stops if only for a second to show thanks for those who loved & took care of us as a child.  My own mother is someone who I can look at not only for personal support and comfort, but as an example of someone who is completely selfless when it comes to taking care of those she loves.  And sometimes even those she doesn’t!  But aside from the personal praise and adoration we can give those we know, what does God say about mothers / wives / women and how they should be remembered?


    Our world is constantly redefining roles for both men, women, and children.  And while the world around us and circumstances do change, the expectations God has for us do not.  As we look at the passage of scripture in Proverbs 31, most often called the story of “The Virtuous Woman”, we’ll see a picture that might scare some.  This example is of a person who accomplishes everything you could imagine.  Being a mother whose kids respect her, a good keeper of the home, a successful and honored business woman, and a wife whose support raises the stature of her husband and family.  Can God really expect all of this from every woman?  What I want us to see today is that God gives us examples of what success can look like.  The question is, what does God expect your story of success to look like?  While that may be different for various people, there are some basic expectations that do apply to every woman.


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    SunSundayMayMay6th2012 Falling at His Feet
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    Sometimes we all feel like we are not good enough. We feel as if we are too unclean to come to Jesus with our problems and our sins. We think we must first get our act together and then we will draw near to Christ. But this isn't what Christ asks of us at all. If we will just humble ourselves and fall at his feet full of faith that He can cleanse and heal us, He will. Audio Pathway_2012_5_6.mp3

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