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    SunSundayMarMarch25th2012 David and Goliath
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    Opportunities are missed everyday. They are missed for a variety of different reasons: fear, laziness, ignorance, etc. Some of these missed opportunities have minute consequences, while others have greater consequences. David of the Bible was a man who took Israel into the greatest chapter of its history and became the greatest king that they would ever have. However, all of that came to pass because David recognized an opportunity that God laid out before him, and he seized it with conviction. Because of David conquering Goliath, Israel shared in that victory by defeating the enemy Philistine army and caused a chain of events that led to Israel becoming a mighty kingdom.

    God has given each one of us a great opportunity. He has given us the opportunity to share in the victory that Christ achieved through the cross. Although He has achieved victory, a lot of times we miss out on the opportunity to share in that victory by letting sin remain in our lives. Don't miss out on the opportunity to embrace the Gospel message and push sin out of your life. 
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    SunSundayMarMarch18th2012 The Light-Do Something
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    We’re finishing this series by looking at Jesus’ final charge to the disciples before His crucifixion.  As they prepare to celebrate, Jesus is preparing them to serve.  When we look at the story of Jesus washing His disciples’ feet, it’s much more than just a story about how we shouldn’t look at ourselves as being above others.  It’s more than understanding how great of a sacrifice God made by sending His son to debase Himself before mankind.  It’s an EXPECTATION that Jesus impressed upon the disciples that we should DO, not just think.  We have to know what God expects out of us but that’s only the first step.  Without actively serving others, our knowledge is useless and our love is hidden.

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    SunSundayMarMarch11th2012 The Light-No Other Name
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    As we take the next 2 weeks to wrap up our series “The Light”, I want to take a quick look at what we’ve seen in Acts 10 & 11.  Not only have we focused on the need to share the gospel but we’ve also looked to define its full purpose.  Everything wraps up in this group of scriptures as we go to the city of Antioch where the followers of Jesus were first called Christians.

    Have you ever had a case of mistaken identity?  Did it cause you embarrassment or something worse?  One time I almost got arrested because another guy caused a huge pile-up on the interstate, took off, and when the cops looked up to place blame, all they saw was me.  It took a while to sort through the mess but they found out I was just in the wrong place at the wrong time.

    It’s not very often we run into cases of mistaken identity in our daily lives, but what about Christianity in general?  I think it’s safe to say that a lot of people look at Christianity and see something entirely different than what God intended.  Sometimes this is deserved, and sometimes people view us or other Christians through their experiences with others.  We can be blamed for the actions of a few.  But are we doing anything that would change their mind?  Do we even care?  Should we even care?

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    SunSundayMarMarch4th2012 The Light-Open Invitation
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    This week as we finish this story of Peter speaking to Cornelius, I want us to examine whether or not we’re giving a true, open invitation to all those who God wants seated as His table.  Because no matter how much we want to believe that our heart is open to everyone, sometimes we allow our own cultural beliefs or stereotypes to get in the way.

    We’re all used to feeling uncomfortable around people different from us and if you’re in the minority of any group, you feel that directed towards you.  But the reality is that through God’s eyes, those people who believe in God are the same and those who don’t believe need to be reached.  You’re either a child of God or someone who needs to be:  that is all.  God sees the inside but we get focused on the outside.  In fact, by focusing simply on how WE feel about others we’re really focusing on ourselves, rather than looking for those who need Christ.

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