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    SunSundayJanJanuary29th2012 Daniel-Foolish Confidence
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    This week we look at Foolish Confidence. Now you will hear me often say that an abundance of

    humility does not necessarily diminish confidence. It also doesn’t mean we must not have pride

    in what we do. Those words, confidence & pride, can be fully positive or completely negative.

    It all depends on the heart of the person.

    Inflated. Overstated. Undeserved. These are all words that come to mind when I talk about

    Foolish Confidence. We could just call it pride, but in today’s story I think it’s more subtle than

    that. Today we take another look at the life of Nebuchadnezzar. Chapter 4 is a public

    proclamation made by Nebuchadnezzar to his kingdom. He had led an amazing life and was

    successful beyond our wildest dreams. Even Daniel, a slave, spoke well of him and didn’t wish

    Nebuchadnezzar any harm. But his fatal flaw was that he didn’t recognize all things are under

    God’s control. Are you viewing God as the most important thing in your life or have you

    become the center of your own universe?

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    SunSundayJanJanuary22nd2012 Daniel-No Bending, No Breaking
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    Last week we talked about having Bold Conversations because eventually, only the truth

    matters. But we’re usually OK with the truth when it comes from us and is told to someone

    else. How about when we struggle to let God tell us the truth? To let God’s direction for our

    life be the path we follow?

    With many things we see in life, structures are often designed to bend but not break. Whether

    it be a suspension bridge, a skyscraper, or the wings of an airplane, some things are designed to

    have great flexibility but still maintain their overall strength and stability. Is that how we as

    Christians are supposed to act?

    Now I will definitely say that we are to have great compassion, understanding, and forgiveness.

    The greatest gift we both have and can give is love. But does our flexibility and understanding

    towards others mean that we can make bad decisions for the overall good? Out of love, can we

    tell others to do the same? In this sermon we will take a look at our responsibility to God when

    faced with seemingly insurmountable opposition.

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    SunSundayJanJanuary15th2012 Daniel-Bold Conversations
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    Have you ever been asked a question you would rather not answer? At least not with the blunt

    truth? If we truly care about people in our life then we can’t be afraid to step up with the truth

    when the opportunity presents itself. As Christians we often seem to be afraid to boldly

    proclaim that we have the truth which answers all of life’s questions. If we truly believe in God

    and that faith in Jesus Christ is the only way to heaven, and if we truly believe that the Bible is

    God’s Word, then why do respond with reservation instead of telling the world that we have

    absolute truth in our hands?

    In chapter 2, Daniel was faced with difficult questions. But even though he didn’t know the

    answer, he boldly proclaimed that he knew where to find it. God gives us answers to life just as

    true as the ones he spoke to Daniel thousands of years ago. Have confidence and boldness to

    depend on God’s Word.

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    SunSundayJanJanuary8th2012 Daniel- Revealing Character
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    By looking at the life of Daniel we can see how God uses our circumstances in life to build and reveal our character.  We can also see the lasting impact we have on people based on the decisions we make.  God is ready to use us to do amazing things if we are willing to follow His word and make the right choices in order to live a life for Him.   Audio Pathway_2012_1_8.mp3

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