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    SunSundayJunJune25th2017 June 26, 2017 Real Love
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    SunSundayJunJune18th2017 June 18, 2017 Real Fellowship
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    SunSundayJunJune11th2017 June 11, 2017 Real Faith
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    SunSundayMayMay1st2016 May 1, 2016
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    SunSundaySepSeptember27th2015 Freedom
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    Christ has purchased our freedom and we have victory because of the cross and His resurrection. When we believe in Jesus, we are transferred into His Kingdom and into a life marked by what Christ has done for us. However, we often struggle to fully embrace this life that is offered. This sermon reminds and encourages us that no matter how far we stray from what God has called us to, He is faithful to restore our freedom and victory through Jesus. Audio 9-27-15.mp3
    SunSundayJulJuly26th2015 Basics: Prayer
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    We believe that God is a good Father who desires to give us what we need in life. We also know to go to God in faithful prayer is sometimes a scary thing. This sermon takes a look at what Jesus taught to His followers on what personal prayer should look and sound like in their daily life. Please listen to hear some great basic principles on personal prayer.  Audio 7-26-15.mp3
    SunSundayMayMay31st2015 Wasteland
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    We all go through difficult phases of life. It may be hard to find purpose and hope in these rough patches, but God has given us purpose in hope - even in the wasteland. Audio 5-31-15.mp3
    SunSundayAprApril14th2013 Clearing the Way: Living
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    Living as Those Made Alive in Christ.  Don’t just be alive, truly live.

    Colossians 3: 1-17
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    SunSundayOctOctober28th2012 Dead to Sin, Alive in Christ
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    Sinning is a really hard thing to abstain from. Sometimes it seems that we are messing up every time we turn around. Sometimes our mistakes get so overwhelming that we want to justify them. That is what Paul is addressing in Romans chapter 6. People justify their sins, and this keeps them from addressing them. We should not justify our sins, but we are to become "dead to sin." 

    Just like Christ died and was raised to life, we are dead to sin and alive in Christ. However, most of us don't live that way. We keep sin very much present in our lives by giving parts of our lives to God but keeping some parts for ourselves. Whether it be our careers, certain relationships, or academics, we are called to give all of our life over to God to be used by Him. This is what it means to be alive in Christ.

    Romans 6
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    SunSundayAugAugust5th2012 Legacy
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    What will people remember about your life? What will you leave behind? Moses left behind a legacy that we are still discussing today. However, there was a time when Moses' life looked like it was going to leave a very forgettable legacy. God took Moses, an exiled murderer, and used him as the man that led the Israelites out of Egyptian bondage. God used Moses to be part of a story that revealed how great our God is. 

    God has a plan for each of us. He wants us to follow His plan for our lives. God wants to use us to accomplish great things for His honor and glory. But here is the catch: We want to be in control of our lives and determine our legacy. The story of Moses is about letting go of what we think is going to leave a lasting legacy and grabbing hold of the life and legacy that God has for us. 
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    SunSundayMarMarch25th2012 David and Goliath
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    Opportunities are missed everyday. They are missed for a variety of different reasons: fear, laziness, ignorance, etc. Some of these missed opportunities have minute consequences, while others have greater consequences. David of the Bible was a man who took Israel into the greatest chapter of its history and became the greatest king that they would ever have. However, all of that came to pass because David recognized an opportunity that God laid out before him, and he seized it with conviction. Because of David conquering Goliath, Israel shared in that victory by defeating the enemy Philistine army and caused a chain of events that led to Israel becoming a mighty kingdom.

    God has given each one of us a great opportunity. He has given us the opportunity to share in the victory that Christ achieved through the cross. Although He has achieved victory, a lot of times we miss out on the opportunity to share in that victory by letting sin remain in our lives. Don't miss out on the opportunity to embrace the Gospel message and push sin out of your life. 
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    SunSundayOctOctober30th2011 Exiled: Part 2
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    Ezra 4
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